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Get on the water with ACF Sailing

Check if what we do and what you want matches…

ACF Sailing race and cruise keelboats as part of a 2- 5 person crew. The individual takes a full role in sailing the boat as part of a team, enabling them to step outside of their condition, with other people who have experienced similar conditions.

Almost everyone starts their ACF Sailing journey with a personal contact with our team to see if we are a good match for each others…

Expect a customised and personalised approach

The ACF Sailing approach is tailored very much to the individual and their requirements. This can range from taking someone sailing for the first time, to facilitating regular relaxed sailing sessions to providing coaching to national and international level. For those individuals who are able and want to, the Foundation provides the skills and longer term support structure to move them into able bodied sailing and racing, both in keelboats and yachts.

Let’s get you on the water with ACF Sailing.

If you love details, we have a process that describes how we onboard you and get you onto the water with ACF Sailing. In addition to the image (below) a PDF copy is publicly available.

Andrew Cassell Foundation (Racing for the Disabled) is a Charity in England and Wales: 1057742

Supports people with disabilities (mainly physical & sensory) to take part in yacht racing and cruising and to encourage the integration of sailors with disabilities with able bodied sailors