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Resuming activity after lockdown

Andrew Cassell Foundation are raring to go as public health restrictions lift to permit organised sport. Thursday was the first day of suitable wind and crew availability to we had to get the Sonar Spare Part out on the Solent for a shakedown.

For this shakedown Spare Part was crewed by two participants – one blind and 50% deaf, and the other recovering from the effects of PTSD and a spinal injury. As well as putting Spare Part to the test, we had a set of second hand sails on test. The sails turned out to be quite powerful and deeply cut which added challenge on a day where the winds were right on the upper edge of the forecast.

Providing forecasts remain suitable we will be launching a Sonar again for a training package this Sunday.

The crew, and the Foundation are very grateful to the volunteers who made the shakedown possible, especially Phil for the safety boat Cover and for the team at Cowes Corinthian Yacht Club who have worked hard to create a launching space which reduces the risks of COVID transmission. We are also grateful to our supporters including among others Ratsey & Lapthorn Classic Sailmakers, Jolliffes Chandlery, Alpaca Wraps Signs & Graphics, Serenity Hygiene, Spinlock

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History of the Foundation

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Andrew Cassell Foundation (Racing for the Disabled) is a Charity in England and Wales: 1057742

Supports people with disabilities (mainly physical & sensory) to take part in yacht racing and cruising and to encourage the integration of sailors with disabilities with able bodied sailors