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Two Sonars alongside CCYC

Check if what we do and what you want matches… ACF Sailing race and cruise keelboats as part of a 2- 5 person crew. The individual takes a full role in sailing the boat as part of a team, enabling them to step outside of their condition, with other people who have experienced similar conditions. … Read more

ACF Sailing Event List

Our events for 2021 until September (Covid-19 restrictions permitting): Participants Log in for Live Events. ACF Training and Racing Spring 2021: January (30th) – April (11th) 6 weekends / 12 days: Live details for participants. Autumn 2021 October (2nd) – December (6th) 6 weekends / 12 days: Live details for participants. 2-3rd October is inclusive … Read more


The Andrew Cassell Foundation supports individuals with physical disabilities, mental health conditions or long term illness to take part in yacht racing and cruising at the highest level. The Foundation works to achieve the integration of sailors with disabilities with able bodied sailors. The foundation was established by Andy Cassell with a group of CCYC … Read more